Training and behaviour

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In home Consultations

We understand that every dog and every owner is different.

Our in Home packages address any issues you are having where they happen.

We love getting to know our clients and their dogs and feel the best way to approach any training plan is to work together towards a goal.

After our initial consultation we will put together a training plan to hep you reach your goals of living with  a happy, confident canine companion.

Let’s work together to prevent unwanted behaviours, such as:

Jumping up

Over arousal

Pulling on the lead


Separation behaviour

Noise reactivity (fireworks/ thunder etc.)

We also love teaching high end obedience and impulse control exercise. Our in home lessons are a great option for anyone participating in various sports or obedience trials. If you would like to tidy up some of the behaviours you have already been working on having a trainer coach you is invaluable

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For more information on puppy development check out our ‘puppy programmes’ here.


Group classes

Ultimate K9 Scout Squad!

Our group classes are a great way to maintain your training in a safe, friendly environment.  We strictly limit our classes to 6 dogs only. This allows us to give each of our students some  one on one time!

We have structures our class to progress both handler and dogs skills over the course of 6 weeks. As you move up through the ranks you will learn more and more useful tips, tricks and skills to help you live a cooperative and enjoyable life with your dog.

Classes will include:

Lots of opportunities for socialisation with weird and wonderful things (including the polite way meet another dog).

Building a strong foundations for rock solid obedience  (Sit, drop, recall, look etc.)

Engagement and impulse control exercises (Including a place command).

Leash walking skills.

Health and safety.

Diet and nutrition.

Lots of fun.

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Walk and Train

Is your dog stuck at home for most of the day getting up to no good?

When a dog get’s bored they will find a way to make their own fun, unfortunately for us, a dog’s idea of fun is usually drastically different that ours and might involve:


Chewing up furniture, remote controls etc.

Barking all day.

Crying and whining.

Our walk and train service is a great way to keep your dog busy throughout the day









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Film and TV

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Specialized training

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