Becky Thomas

NDTF qualified dog trainer
CNWI (Certified Nose Work Instructor)

Becky loves all things puppy!! She is a registered Labrador Retriever breeder with the prefix ‘Mudtales’ and breeds for working roles. Becky hopes to educate puppy owners about the importance of proper puppy socialisation to help raise a confident, happy and healthy member of your family.

Puppy Socialiser

Scout is a 5yr old Labrador who enjoys agility, jetty jumping and scent work. Scout helps with puppy socialisation, teaching the younger pups about appropriate play. She loves training and learning new skills. Scout enjoys beach trips, retrieving her favourite toy from the water. 


NDTF qualified dog trainer

As a NDTF qualified trainer Kerr is passionate about helping to improve the relationship between owners and their dogs. He believes that all great relationships are built on a foundation of communication. Owning a dog should be a joy but often at times it can be very hard work. Kerr’s goal is to help owners and their dog’s live happier lives side-by-side by teaching ‘life skills’ and incorporating play as a way to stimulate our dogs and work together to build a solid bond.



…just Gary

Gary is a two year old Border Collie. He has helped in the training of many dogs who struggle to control themselves around other dogs. He lives with two cats and loves having a job to do. When he’s not working with clients and their dogs you can find him out hiking, camping or lazing around with his owner Kerr. He is a good boy.