Becky Thomas

NDTF Trainer & CNWI
ACSW – Certifying Official & Judge

Becky has a love of all things puppy. Critical period puppy socialisation and helping owners give the best start possible to their new family member is what Becky loves to do. She has been working in the dog training industry for over 10 years. She has a wide variety of experience, ranging from breeding, puppy development, assistance dogs, class instruction, canine nutrition, in home training and scent detection.

Becky and her dogs, Scout & Booty, have competed in agility, jetty jumping and K9 Nose Work®. Becky regularly attends seminars/workshops to keep up to date with what’s happening in the training industry. Becky has bred Labradors for working roles, such as, scent detection, assistance/therapy dogs and sporting homes.

Becky became Queensland’s first Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) in 2018. Her first encounter with scent detection was training seizure response dogs and tracking dogs for special needs children. Her love for scent detection grew from there.

Kim Murdoch

ACSW – Judge 

Kim has always been an animal lover, volunteering in Wildlife Rehab Centres and doing Wildlife Rescue but has a special love of dogs. After her children left home, her two Hungarian Vizslas, Jura and Scapa came into her life. It was with them that she entered the world of dog training and completed obedience with both of them to an advanced level.

Kim was hooked on working with and understanding dogs and so continued on to complete a tricks program with them. Looking around for some other mentally stimulating activity she could do with her dogs, she discovered K9 Nose Work® and very quickly it became a passion and obsession. Training over the years with the Sniffer Squad, Kim has learnt so much about herself, her dogs and the sport.

Jura is a Delta Therapy Dog so when Kim is not teaching, studying or researching Nose Work, they will be volunteering as a Delta Therapy team. 


Team Kim & Jura

ORT Title    2019
NW1          2019
L1(V)         2020
L1(C)         2020

Team Kim & SCAPA

ORT Title    2020
NW1          2020
L1(V)         2020

Donna Williams

ACSW – Judge

Donna was introduced to dog training due to the needs of her German Shepherd, Lexie. Lexie had some reactivity issues that Donna has worked tirelessly on over the past few years. Donna has done an amazing job getting Lexie to a high level of obedience and she is a stand out member of her training group.

Donna and Lexie are Founding Members of the Ultimate K9 Sniffer Squad, commencing classes in 2017. Donna loves being involved in a sport that all dogs are welcome to participate. Prior to starting the sport, she would play hide and seek in the backyard with Lexie.

Since 2017 Donna has been developing her knowledge in K9 Nose Work® by regularly volunteering at both ORT and NW Trials in QLD and NSW. In 2019 she travelled to the USA to attend the 6th Annual K9 Sport Scent Work conference hosted by CNCA & NACSW.


Team Donna & Lexie

ORT Title    2019
NW1          2019
L1(V)         2020
L1(E)         2020
L1(I)          2020

All our trainers are
certified in K9 First Aid

All our trainers are certified in K9 First Aid